warning for webcam girls and dating sites

I must warn people about the scams that are pulled by some webcam girls.
I have known many of these girls and am privy to some of their scams.
The most common one is that they have a sick relative (usually mother) that needs
an operation and expensive medicine. SCAM
Another is that their boss (webcam webmaster site owner ) pays them so little or they
do not get paid at all. SCAM
They want to pull on your heart strings to get you to SEND MONEY
I would suggest that if you want to help them. You get a webcam show (private)
on a regular basis. They do get paid well relative to others where they are from.
Webcam dating is most common in Manila Phillipines. Japanese and Thai girls are
also now doing the webcam private shows more and more.
So, beware. And just enjoy the time with your webcam honey online. On a recognized site.
More on the Great sites that are out there later.